How do you manage your stores professionally?

As we explained in the introduction, managing your stores professionally is able to move your business and expand it in a huge way, and vice versa. Mismanagement of your stores may expose you to a lot of trouble, which often leads to stopping the growth of your activity and sometimes bankruptcy, so let us first talk about the advantages of managing Your store professionally.



1- Knowing the size of the stock, and therefore the volume of the goods sold and the volume of the remaining, and thus forming an idea of ​​the volume of demand for a particular type of items, thus helping you to make a correct decision in importing the items



2- Reducing theft and wasted: When everything is organized in stores with numbered codes and their exit is based on an invoice, then it will facilitate the inventory of the stores and know whether there has been a theft or not, and it will also be a deterrent for employees to think about anything wrong

 Also, organizing the items in the stores will reduce the waste in the goods, because each item has a dedicated place

3- Organizing the stores helps you to sell quickly. If your business is a prerequisite for it is the speed of selling, such as selling with Amazon, then it will require you to reach your product quickly to deliver it quickly, then the organized store will be the best savior for you.


How to manage the store?


Warehouse management is big science, but it depends on the size of your trade. The larger your trade volume is, the more you need bigger stores, and therefore warehouse management will be more complicated, but in this article, we are talking about the size of small and medium trade.

Mostly managing stores on this activity was done in an old way, but with the technology revolution this method has been changed to become easier and automatic

The new way: All activities are now dependent on technology that has entered all aspects of life, including budgets

So, there are special programs for managing stores professionally and recording incoming and outgoing with the issuance of a bill of exchange and permissions for income

You can also register the customers to whom the product has been spent, the suppliers you deal with, and the money left on you

It also enables you to know the number of items remaining in the store and send alerts in the event of a shortage of a particular item. In the reports, you can know the products that are on-demand, and also he can tell you about the profits during a period you specify for him.

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