How to make your own website ?

We all know the need for freelancers to exist on the Internet and how important it is to have their website Research has proven that having a website for the business owner leads to an increase of about 30% of annual sales, which is a very large percentage. And with the emergence of the Corona pandemic, which led to the reluctance of a large number of people to go to the street for fear of infection Medicine has increased dramatically on online purchases, as well as the demand for most services via the Internet, which has contributed to a significant increase in the trade of business owners who own websites and an electronic presence. For all these reasons, it has become very important to be online And in this article, I will explain how to make your website There are 3 ways to make your site, and each method differs according to your orientation and your business strategy First: If you do not want to learn anything about website manufacturing technology, fortunately, there are ready-made options, for example, ready-made template sites This method is based on testing among ready-made molds Its features: This method is characterized by the speed of completion, as you can within one hour to create your site - The lowest cost, as payment, is made monthly in exchange for your site's continued availability. Disadvantages: Your site is similar to most sites, so remember that you chose a ready-made template that is also chosen by millions, and this does not give preference or privilege over others - Not owning your site, as you mentioned, you pay monthly for the service, but without owning the site - The second method: Dealing with a programmer in a freelance way, and here also there are advantages and disadvantages :-Features The price is low compared to dealing with companies, but it is higher than the first method, which is to pay monthly - The site becomes yours, unlike the first way in which the site is not yours. :- Defects The free programmer does not have much experience in all areas of the website. He may be specialized in a particular part of this great technology. And when you choose a programmer with great experience, he will often ask high prices The free programmer will not support you after a while, and you may be surprised that he is not available when you need him, or when a technical problem appears on your site, or when you want to increase a certain new feature - And this is considered the most dangerous point that you may encounter in dealing with a programmer freely, or as it is called Freelancer Timing: The free programmer often delays in delivering the required, for many reasons, including his inability to organize his time between all the projects required of him. Third method: Dealing with software companies: Features Your interaction with programming companies will guarantee you a great experience, starting with the design of the site and its implementation in all the details, because the company has many specializations in every field, which makes the work of your site be done at the highest levels of professionalism and accuracy. Technical support: It is considered one of the most advantages offered by software companies is technical support, as it makes the employer comfortable and reassured of the presence of the service constantly, and in the event of a problem, the company will be present to solve it The right timing: your dealings with a programming company are through a contract that allows each party to preserve its rights, and often a penalty and a fine are imposed in the event the company delays in delivering the work on time Defects: Cost: where the price of the work, in this case, increases compared to the advantages you get And as I mentioned at the beginning of the article, each method has its advantages and disadvantages, and the choice between these methods depends mainly on the nature of your work and based on it, you decide which of the methods is suitable for you. But of course, you must start from now on your presence on the Internet And to help determine which of the above options is best for your business, you can contact us by phone at: 01150704395